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Snick (short for Style nick) makes text funky by converting the characters in your word or sentence into other stylish ascii characters, making (for example) your messenger nickname funky.
It can also reverse the text you input or aLtErNaTe CaPs and more... Try it out below.

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Funny Stuff

Someone recently decided it was a clever idea to rip the contents of SNick and show it as there own creation, after E-Mailing the host of their pathetic free hosting website I got their account removed, I would like to point out in amusement that there cheap rip-off didn't even work!!
Thanks for humoring us dhznickybox.

Help spread Style Nick

Please spread the word on SNick by telling your MSN friends or displaying the banner below on your MySpace or any other personal site you may own. You can either copy the HTML below or save the image to your computer and place on your server (experienced users).

Spice up your nick with snick

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